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Every Sunday at C3 Church Tauranga we offer a full kids program for all ages. Our heart is that your kids would love their church and that we would help them to connect with others and with their God. Our belief is that God can be discovered and encountered no matter how old someone is; and our C3 Kids ministry support and encourage this for your children.

For us there is no greater joy than to see you coming as a family every week to discover, connect with and encounter Christ and all He has for you and your children.

We also offer a nursing mums lounge where you can feed or change your baby while still being able to listen to what's happening in the main auditorium.

Realmen is our men's ministry at C3 Church Tauranga


Realmen is the name of our men's ministry here at C3 Church Tauranga. Our aim is to help men be what they were created to be in God. Helping them to be the very best husbands, fathers, sons workers and ultimately disciples of Jesus.

We run events throughout the year.

Everywoman is our woman's ministry at C3 Church Tauranga


Everywoman is the name of our women's ministry at C3 Church Tauranga. We love to connect women with God and with each other to create life-giving relationships. All women are most welcome.

We run events throughout the year.


Connect Groups are about connecting with God and with each other. They help build community by bringing people together.  It's the greatest way to grow friendships, encourage unity, and provide a space for every person to feel a part of our family and strengthened in their walk with God.


At C3 Church Tauranga we are big on eating together to build relationship, friendship and family. So on the first Sunday of every month we have a big shared lunch after church. Everyone brings some food to share and we have a great time hanging out and filling our bellies with yum kai.


In partnership with Mosaic church we run a community meal at the Arataki Community Centre every Tuesday night. It is at 6.30pm, is completely free and is a great way of bringing the community together as well as helping people's food budget.

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